Mathieu Rivier




Caveaux bulles


"Foire à Guévaux" is a workshop organized by Denis Roueche, Florian Luthi, Charlotte Hauser and Mathieu Rivier. It took place at the castle of Guévaux, Switzerland in July 2013. This workshop invited many artists who took over the castle during two weeks to achieve different artistic projects. This impressive castle which dates back to 1757 and was ranked in Waldensian Heritage, then had opened its door during over a weekend for an exhibition of the work dones. Some projects realized during the workshop will go on to be displayed there after in different exhibitions.

In the lower part of the house, an old wine cellar was converted into a reception room, which is now used for weddings and other festivities. We decided to illustrate this festive side with an installation organized around an object known to all : a bubble blower.
Probably Most of people have one day played to blow soap bubbles. It is a simple, intuitive game with a magical side. By the simple act of blowing through a ring, the soap becomes a bubble, which then rises with lightness and fragility in the air. Leaving us in the expectation of its future explosion.
This interactive installation, invites the viewer to come and blow into the blower in a way to create bubbles. However, instead of soap bubbles, the bubbles appear in the form of shadows projected on the wall. The enchanting side of this installation comes from the fact that it plays with the wonders and surprises of the bubbles, which explode and, at times, change in animations.

Collaboration with Joëlle Aeschlimann and Pauline Saglio

LightForm V. 3.0