Mathieu Rivier




L'heure cloche

Installation/makey makey

"Foire à Guévaux" is a workshop organized by Denis Roueche, Florian Luthi, Charlotte Hauser and Mathieu Rivier. It took place at the castle of Guévaux, Switzerland in July 2013. This workshop invited many artists who took over the castle during two weeks to achieve different artistic projects. This impressive castle which dates back to 1757 and was ranked in Waldensian Heritage, then had opened its door during over a weekend for an exhibition of the work dones. Some projects realized during the workshop will go on to be displayed there after in different exhibitions.

One of the peculiarities of the house is a room that was located at the top of the barn and then converted into a nursery. One first hears the noise of squawking chicken coming from behind a close door. Located at the end of a corridor, and due to its disturbing scenography, this door arouses the curiosity of the viewer visitors who are anxious to open it. When opening the door, the squawking stops, and a lullaby plays with a set of projection on lace curtain. Exactly as a music box, you closing the door to reloads the music and the visuals. This contemplative work was inspired by many laces and fabrics found the castle.

Collaboration with Joëlle Aeschlimann and Pauline Saglio

LightForm V. 3.0