Mathieu Rivier




L'heure cloche


"Foire à Guévaux" is a workshop organized by Denis Roueche, Florian Luthi, Charlotte Hauser and Mathieu Rivier. It took place at the castle of Guévaux, Switzerland in July 2013. This workshop invited many artists who took over the castle during two weeks to achieve different artistic projects. This impressive castle which dates back to 1757 and was ranked in Waldensian Heritage, then had opened its door during over a weekend for an exhibition of the work dones. Some projects realized during the workshop will go on to be displayed there after in different exhibitions.

In the backyard, above the front door, sits an old clock with a single hand that is no longer working. We decided to replace the old mechanism and give it a new take.

While Nowadays we are used to watch the time, discreetly, in a passive, almost random manner. This project proposes on the contrary to interact with the clock in order to know the time. The bell that was used to let the inhabitants know about mealtime, can be heard throughout the entire propriety . It therefore reverses the trend of discretion and forces whoever who wants to know the time to ring the bell and inform everyone in the entire house. For this project, the hand of the clock is in perpetual motion, rotating randomly around the dial. One should pull the rope to ring the bell, then the hand moves to the correct time. After a few seconds, it starts to rotate again in its crazy move until someone else has the curiosity to know the time.

Collaboration with Joëlle Aeschlimann and Pauline Saglio

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