Mathieu Rivier




Salon hanté


"Foire à Guévaux" is a workshop organized by Denis Roueche, Florian Luthi, Charlotte Hauser and Mathieu Rivier. It took place at the castle of Guévaux, Switzerland in July 2013. This workshop invited many artists who took over the castle during two weeks to achieve different artistic projects. This impressive castle which dates back to 1757 and was ranked in Waldensian Heritage, then had opened its door during over a weekend for an exhibition of the work dones. Some projects realized during the workshop will go on to be displayed there after in different exhibitions.

The most beautiful part of the castle is an authentic living room with a piano dating back to 1857, which has been a victim of time. It was particularly out of tune and its keys were locked, it could not be used as piano anymore. We wanted to restore this antiquity in a way that it would brighten the room again.
Lights and a projector are connected to the keys, thereby making certain combinations of sound and light when the keys are stroked of tuning. The visual result therefore overrides the song, which invites even the most inexperienced players to come and play a tune.

Collaboration with Joëlle Aeschlimann and Pauline Saglio

LightForm V. 3.0